By Having a Baseline Understanding 
of Lab Testing & Lab Results
Thurs, JUN 23, 2022
Lab testing is the missing piece of the wellness puzzle. Lab testing can alert your clients to issues affecting their health long before they notice symptoms. It can also increase compliance and unlock data that will help them reach their wellness goals. By having an understanding of labs and lab test results, YOU, the health coach, can serve your clients on a deeper level and help them get to the root cause of health issues.
What you'll learn during this deep-dive training:
All About Lab Testing
During this training, Dr. Hopkins will give you a comprehensive look at the lab testing options that are available to your clients, why each test is so important and what type of data each test can unlock 
Normal Versus Abnormal Labs
He'll also teach you how functional medicine and anti-aging medical doctors look at optimal versus abnormal on lab tests so that you can be a source of education for your clients
Labs for Health Coaches
You'll also learn how you can integrate labs into your health coaching practice and serve your clients on a deeper level while staying within the scope of your profession
Hi, I'm Dr. Alan Hopkins!
I'm the CEO of YOURLABWORK, LLC, a leading direct-to consumer lab testing company, and an assistant clinical professor at one of the leading medical schools. I'm also a huge advocate for health and wellness coaches and consultants because I believe that you are the missing link that can help more people reach their wellness goals. 

That's why I've created this upcoming deep-dive class - to help more health and wellness warriors develop a baseline understanding of lab testing and results and serve their clients on a much deeper level by helping them safely get to the root cause of health conditions.

I'd love for you to join us but register soon as seats are limited!
Are Saying About Our Lab Training 

Health Coach, Kristi

"I was really excited about both for my own health journey and because it is such a wonderful resource to be able to share with my clients. I have added a “labs” tab to my website and two additional al la carte services to help my clients with their labs. These services often lead to a full coaching package when the client is ready for more in-depth coaching or ready to make more extensive food and lifestyle changes. The very first day I shared my services I had a new client call to book a lab review!" 

Founder of IFHC®, Carmen Hunter

“Dr. Hopkins’ comprehensive approach to lab testing has been a huge asset to my business as I strive to help health coaches learn the importance of empowering their clients in all facets of health. As a health coach, an educator and an advocate for my own health, I believe in the power of being in total control of one’s health. I don’t think people should depend on a doctor to help them uncover mysteries or practice preventative care. If you want an edge on your health coaching practice, based on sound medical advice, this is the program for you.” 
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